As we celebrate the summer season, many of us have been spending more time outdoors. Many have spent part of the quarantine working in gardens and are now enjoying the fruits and flowers of that labor! Some of us have been enjoying the beautiful grounds acelebrate natureround the Center too. Even before we reopen, you’re welcome to come and walk around our outdoor sanctuary…alive with blooms! If you venture outdoors today, take a quiet moment to give praise to our Creator and read this poem with us.

The Garden is Rich

The garden is rich with diversity
With plants of a hundred families
In the space between the trees
With all the colours and fragrances.
Basil, mint and lavender,
Great Mystery keep my remembrance pure,
Raspberry, Apple, Rose,
Great Mystery fill my heart with love,
Dill, anise, tansy,
Holy winds blow in me.
Rhododendron, zinnia,
May my prayer be beautiful
May my remembrance O Great Mystery,
Be as incense to thee
In the sacred grove of eternity
As I smell and remember
The ancient forests of earth.

– Chinook Psalter