Our wish for you in the new year

Jan 2, 2022

As we close out 2021, a year that was difficult for many, we invite you to intentionally summon the blessings and gratitude for the positive moments. The following reflection was included in a Christmas greeting from one of our retreat presenters and we thought it summarized well our wishes for you too. Let’s step into the new year with love and cling to hope for the future…

Love – to be the north star in my soul, leading me always in the direction of Divine Light.Happy New Year

Stillness – to sweet through my restless mind, instilling calmness and a serenity that dispels apprehension.

Nonviolence – to enter every thought, word, deed, and desire, flowing gently from me like a brook caressing inflexible stones.

Savoring – to remember with thankfulness lovely moments of beauty and the joy of people’s goodwill.

Other-Centeredness – to dissolve the closely held part of myself that prefers to ignore or refuse to respond to the plight of others.

Laughter – to retain the sprightly dance of joy amid endless duties, preparations, chores, and responsiblities.

Perspective – to expand the inner vision that sees each difficult person or situation through the wide lens of kindness.

Solace – to recognize, welcome, and embrace whoever or whatever seeks shelter in the sanctuary of self.

Hope – to rekindle my affection and gratitude for the Source of Love who intermingles with each part of my life.

~Joyce Rupp, from Return to the Root