Landscapes & Soulscapes: A Camino Divina Adventure into the Divine

October 18 @ 3:00 pm - October 20 @ 1:00 pm

weekend retreat, Bon Secours

Landscapes and Soulscapes: A Camino Divina Adventure into the Divine 

This retreat weekend will help you explore in greater depth a richer, deeper relationship with the land, the self, and Presence of the Divine. You will be provided with thoughtful and joyful practices that can help you connect more deeply wherever you find yourself, whether at home or abroad. Through the practice of “camino divina- walking the divine way,” inner and outer landscapes will be explored through intuitive exercises, journaling, conversational partnering, finger labyrinths, outdoor labyrinth and walking meditations, accompanied by the words of poets and sages to walk alongside you. Check-in begins at 3pm. Dinner will be served at 6pm and the retreat will begin at 7pm. The retreat concludes with lunch on Sunday.

Gina Marie Mammano is an award-winning poet. She is also the author of Camino Divina- Walking the Divine Way: A Book of Moving Meditations with Likely and Unlikely Saints, published by SkyLight Paths Publishing. Her training as a spiritual director, work as a retreat leader, and experiences gleaned from the Opening the Book of Nature program have allowed her the ability to create interactive and intuitive listening exercises both in the interior and exterior landscapes. She is the mother of two amazing milennials and lives on Whidbey Island with her husband, Rick, where she enjoys singing with the acoustic duet, “Small Town Poets of Whidbey.” 


What others have said about Gina’s retreats and her book:

“Your retreat was fabulous. I had forgotten what ‘relaxed’ felt like…balanced and light. You brought us your wisdom and gentle spirit that allowed me to ‘be in the moment’ . . . . It just felt good.”  ~retreat participant, Our Lady of the Pines Retreat Center, Fremont, Ohio

“You created ‘lavish’ cohesion so artfully with a group of willing strangers…. Thanks for your grace, curiosity, and joy.” ~Oregon retreat participant

“First off, so many joys I can’t count… the best joy was just watching the curation of the retreat, how thoughtfully the exercises were put together to create meaning for me and the group. THANK YOU.” ~Los Angeles retreat participant

“For one who teaches walking meditation, I wish I could make this lovely book (Camino Divina) required reading for all my students. Although it is equally good for anybody–walking or not–on how to see, how to sense, and how to savor.  Walk with the saints– and become one, it might just be saying!” ~Fr. Richard Rohr

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Event Details

Start: October 18 @ 3:00 pm
End: October 20 @ 1:00 pm
Cost: $250
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Gina Maria Mammano

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