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SoulCollage® Going Deeper: Transformation and Creativity

March 9 @ 3:00 pm - March 11 @ 1:00 pm

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We will spend a creative weekend collaging your own deck of imaginal cards. You will browse through piles of images and find those that call to you. They could be images that represent some of the many guides, allies, and challengers active in your soul. Using these images you will SoulCollage® cards that depict your personality parts, your archetypal guides, your energetic companion animals, and even some of the sentient beings that have loved, taught, and challenged you. Along with time for creating cards will be time to share and to journal to explore the wisdom your images hold for you. You will be surprised by insights that emerge from your deep soul when you step imaginatively into an image and speak to a question from this new perspective. A supportive community will listen as witnesses to help make this a memorable experience. For people new to SoulCollage®, we will give explanations of the four suits and the three transpersonal cards that are in a typical SoulCollage® deck. For advanced SoulCollagers, there will be additional work learning to answer questions and be continually inspired through readings, prayer cards, individual quiet time and more. There will be time for walking the labyrinth and beautiful grounds. Spring is perfect season to reflect and renew, and this deepening weekend will nurture your soul and help you blossom and grow. Guided by Katherine Johnson.

UPDATE: The presenter will be able to provide a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the retreat. Continuing education credits will not be available.

Check-in begins at 3pm. Dinner is served at 6pm and the retreat will begin at 7:15pm.

Katherine Johnson, EdD, PCC is a Certified Life Coach, educator, workshop leader, and artist. She is trained by Seena Frost, creator of the SoulCollage® process. Check out Katherine’s Coaching website: www.onespiritcoach.com as well as her website featuring SoulCollage® and one-of-a-kind silk designs: www.katherinekaicreations.com.


Event Details

Start: March 9 @ 3:00 pm
End: March 11 @ 1:00 pm
Cost: $250
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Our retreat is SOLD OUT! Please call our Welcome Center at 410-442-3120 for suggestions on other retreats you may enjoy, or to have your name placed on our waitlist for this retreat.