July 7, 2020

The Breath Prayer

Kathy Anderson has presented many retreats at our Center, along with Susan Boruff. Their ministry, Take Twelve Today, emphasizes the importance of practicing breathing meditations daily. Kathy invites you to find a quiet place where you can sit and focus on this video meditation. To learn more about their ministry, please click here.


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June 30, 2020

Meditation through Music and Nature

Today's post is a relaxing music video that showcases beautiful images of God's creation. You'll notice that the images repeat after the first sequence. What can you notice within the same image when viewing it a second or third time? Taking a few moments to relax and connect with nature, even via technology, can provide a calming effect that lasts throughout our day. Be still. “Who covers the heaven with clouds, who prepares rain for the earth, who makes grass…


finding God in the mess