Retreat Testimonies

Here are a few recent reviews from our retreatants. These guests attended various retreats, which are sponsored and organized by our Center.

“The quality of your programs is wonderful! In combination with the setting and the other program participants, my time at Bon Secours recently has been life-changing. Thank you!” — Friends Day of Prayer

“I leave with a sense of gratitude for this opportunity to spend time relaxing and re-energizing in the Spirit. I’m thankful to all who are here at the Retreat & Conference Center for the smallest effort in making my time here refreshing, serene, and empowering..” – Summer Vacation Retreat

“This holy atmosphere and holy grounds are ‘Grace’ beyond telling! The building is so beautiful and filled with joyful peace!”  – Miryam, Mother of God

“It was like coming home to Bon Secours Retreat and Conference Center. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. I have been coming here since the late 1960’s. I am most grateful.” – Directed Retreat

“This is my 2nd retreat that I have made here at Bon Secours. All is so well organized; very welcoming; food is wonderful; staff most helpful. Our accommodations most satisfactory – very clean and comfortable. The grounds are breathtakingly beautiful. It’s very quiet & serene. The chapel is lovely.” – Deepening Personal Prayer

“The presenter was organized, relaxed, caring. Group opened up beautifully, shared especially at meals. Presentations were most helpful & handouts.” – Making All Things New

“Sr. Bernie, my spiritual director, always knows how to draw me out and guide me to my inner self with practical ideas for when I get home.” – Winter Directed Retreat

“I wish I lived closer to this center. You always offer such wonderful day activities or programs!” – Turn the Page

“Keep on keeping on! Doing a continuous wonderful job! Presenters have much to offer!”  – Friends Day of Prayer

“Protected time in beautiful space to focus on my spirit and relationship with God was most helpful!” – New Beginnings Women’s Retreat

“The completely peaceful atmosphere was astonishing! The building and the grounds are deeply, deeply peaceful, reverent, and God honoring.”– Lenten Retreat: Connecting with God in Our Busy World

“The facilitator was very organized and well prepared, as well as being very gentle. He was able to give us a lot of experiences in a short amount of time.”– Lunch & Dialogue with Gordon Creamer

“The most beneficial part of the retreat was that there were no responsibilities or expectations on me. I enjoyed the spiritual atmosphere.”– Vacation Retreat

“This was a wonderful retreat with many varied pieces. Thank you, Fr. Nicholas!”– Sharing Life with the Mystics, presented by Fr. Nicholas Amato

“There were three things that were most beneficial: 1.)The schedule allowed me to derive the most benefit from my time here. 2) The presenter was ideal in covering the content of the retreat. 3) The diversity and friendliness of the participants.”– Spirituality: Finding the Balance, presented by Fr. Robert Albright

“I have met new acquaintances and friends. I have listened intently and have taken much to heart. I have grown in my quest for being one with God.”– Aging with Wisdom, presented by Gordon Creamer

“Edwina and her wisdom, message, humor, stories, etc., were amazing. The other folks on retreat were wise and wonderful. And, time to breathe and be was healing and so very restorative.” – Soul Sisters, presented by Edwina Gateley

“What was most helpful? Time away from mundane things in beautiful surroundings with congenial like-minded people, searching together for a stronger relationship with God. Enthusiastic and helpful/experienced leaders too!” – Not Your Average Prayer Retreat, presented by Rev. Elizabeth LeMaster & Sharon Feldman

“The speakers were thoughtful, engaging, separate and together. Really helped me to put things in perspective and have hope through trials.”– Trusting God, presented by Tracey Tiernan Coiro & Gary Coiro

“Thank you for a gracious, lovely and loving, supportive mini retreat. Very well done and much appreciated. Very practical and useful.”– Angels Among Us, presented by Sr. Maureen Conroy