• Kevin Cassidy
    Director of Operations

    Kevin is responsible for the Operations of the Retreat and Conference Center. He joined the Bon Secours team in January 2014, bringing Customer Service and Management experience from the Telecommunications industry. Kevin is proud to work for the Sisters of Bon Secours and to work with a team that continually brings 'good help' to all of our guests.

  • Tiara “Tee” Biddle
    Executive Chef

    Tee recently started as an Executive Chef at the Retreat & Conference Center. She holds a degree in Advanced Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management and although she previously worked in Finance, cooking has always been her passion. Tee enjoys preparing and plating eye appealing dishes, as well as creating nontraditional, tasty menus.

  • Sister Bernadette Claps, CBS
    Manager of Spiritual Care and Mission

    Sister Bernadette provides spiritual direction/spiritual companionship. Spiritual direction is open to individuals from various faiths, and is offered on retreats, private individual retreats, and on an ongoing basis. She holds a Certificate in Spiritual Direction from Washington Theological Union, and has been with the Center since 2011.

  • Giovanni Faudale
    Manager of Food Services

    Giovanni Faudale is the Food Services Manager and has worked at the Center since 2006. He leads a talented team of dietary staff and our guests can never say enough great things about their meals! Gio also works with our sales team to plan wonderful menus for special events. He enjoys learning and teaching new things in the kitchen. Gio's favorite foods to cook are Italian dishes.

  • Jay Johson
    JWauren “Jay” Johnson
    Manager of Environmental & Audiovisual Services

    Jay is the Manager of Environmental & Audiovisual Services. He earned his bachelor's degree from the University of Baltimore and has previous experience within healthcare environmental services and infection prevention. His staff takes care of our building and maintain the high cleanliness standard that all of our guests have grown to expect. He and other meeting room staff members also assist presenters and group organizers with technology needs for presentations. Jay enjoys maintaining the physical beauty of the center and he also loves photographing our beautiful campus.

  • Rose Kurtz
    Manager of Guest Services

    Rose is the Manager of Guest Services at the Center and earned her bachelor’s degree from Towson University. She manages the Welcome Center team and works closely with food and housekeeping staff to ensure that all guests' needs are being met during their stay. Rose has been with Bon Secours since 2008 and brings vast experience within customer service and management to her role.

  • Jen Murphy
    Manager of Retreats & Events

    Jen is the Manager of Retreats & Events, managing the schedule of retreats, events and workshops sponsored by the Center that are open for individuals to attend. She has an extensive background in marketing and communications and enjoys working with the presenters and guests who come to the Center. Jen has a bachelor's degree in communications and recently completed her master's in communications at Notre Dame of Maryland University. She previously served in the Vocations Office and has been with Bon Secours since 2010.

  • Tessa Newton
    Marketing Manager/Sales Associate

    Tessa is the Marketing Manager/Sales Associate for the Retreat and Conference Center. Since 2013, she has been working to make "Howard County's best kept secret" the best known place in the area. She has a bachelor's degree from McDaniel College and master's degree from Notre Dame of Maryland University.

  • Rainey Taylor
    Sales Manager

    Rainey serves as the Manager of Sales and works with conference groups who want to make reservations at the Center. She makes arrangements with groups to plan their meeting room and lodging accommodations for upcoming meetings, retreats and special events. She has extensive experience in sales and marketing and has been with the Center since 2005.